My name is Carmen Seijas, but I’m also known as Hanako Mimiko, I was born in Galicia but
I currently live and work in Barcelona.

I'm a visual artist and also a human being. I make a lot of mistakes and I have many
fears to fight everyday.
I try to show my learning and growing with my paintings.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding my work, please send an email to:



Mi nombre es Carmen Seijas pero también trabajo bajo el seudónimo de Hanako Mimiko,
nací en Galicia pero vivo en Barcelona.

Soy artista visual y un ser humano. Cometo muchos errores y tengo muchos miedos
contra los que luchar cada día.
Intento enseñar mi aprendizaje y crecimiento a través de mis pinturas.

Si quieres saber algo mas puedes escribirme a:



2012/2013 Mater Degree in Production and Artistic Research in UB, Barcelona.
2009/2010 Fine Arts in UB, Barcelona.
2008/2009 Fine Arts in Hoogeschool Sint Lukas, Brussels.
2006 Fine Arts in Universidade de Vigo, Pontevedra.


2015 NOTHIG (TO DO) IN COMMON, Group show at Falstaff, Barcelona, Spain
2015 BEHIND THE SHOW ILLUSTRATED, Group show at KrStore Backyard, Barcelona, Spain
2015 MUERTE EN VIDA Y OTROS RELATOS CORTOS, Solo show at Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2015 Wall painting and exhibition at Artte, Barcelona, Spain
2014 WEAREALLIN, Group show with the collective Reskate at Slowtrack in Madrid,Spain
2014 ALL THE YOUNG DUDES, Solo Show at Domingos Barcelona, Spain
2014 PRINTING HOP, Collective exhibition during the festival Bilbao Bbk Live, Spain
2014 CONCRETE HOMELAND, Group Show at the skateboarding shop State in Barcelona, Spain
2014 CALYPSO, Solo Show at 33|45 bar & gallery in Barcelona, Spain
2014 HEPTAGON, Group Show in Barcelona, Spain
2014 MARY POPPINS MEETS JULIE ANDREWS, Group Show at Lapuntual in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, S
pain Funzine and exhibition [ Tecnología Pu(n)Ta ] in Dabadaba, San Sebastian, Spain
2013 STRANGE EXCHANGE, Group show at Fifty24PDX Gallery, Portland, USA
2013 WEAREALLIN, Group show with the collective Reskate at Cosmo Gallery, Barcelona and
LA SALA, Zaragoza, Spain
2013 ARE YOU THE FIRE OR JUST ANOTHER FLAME? . Group show at Mutt Bookshop & Art Gallery,
Barcelona, Spain and SOLOMUTT GALLERY, Milán, Italy
2013 THE SPACE IS THE PLACE, Solo Show at Corretger5, Barcelona, Spain
2012 Tatto The Girl. Group show at MUTUO. Barcelona, Spain
2011 Dez Xoves Gravadores da Fundación CIEC. Group show. A Coruña, Spain
2011 Group show Overtype at OFFMàtica during SONAR and OFFF festivals 2011 at CCCB. Barcelona.
2011 II Tótum Revolutum.Group show at Amalgama. Vigo,Spain
2011 Reskate, Picking Europe's Wood. Group show at Bright Tradeshow. Berlin
2011 NewEra Introducing. London(Shoreditch Underground) Berlin (DNA Gallery) Milán (XL Colombines)
Barcelona( Marqués de Barberá 23) Paris (Brio Briox) Stockholm (So Stockholm) Cape Town (The Bank)
2010 Tótem Revolotem. Group show at Amalgama. Vigo,Spain


New Era Introducing, limited edition hardback book / Cover and interview BCN or DIE Marzo2012
/ Playground / PulltheMetal / DailyMetal / Vein Magazine

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